16 Difference Between Brightfield and Fluorescence Microscope.

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In My previous notes i have already discussed about Brightfield Microscope and Fluorescence Microscope, their working principle, parts, definition, application, advantages, disadvantages and light path. You can check them out.

Difference Between Brightfield Microscope and Fluorescence Microscope

Difference Between Brightfield Microscope and Fluorescence Microscope.

TopicBrightfield MicroscopeFluorescence Microscope
Invented byAntonie van Leeuwenhoek (1632–1724)Antonie van Leeuwenhoek (1632–1724)
FluorochromesNot requiredRequired.
Specimen Image Form dark image against bright background.Form bright image against dark background.
Light SourceLight source may be natural or artificial.Light source must be artificial.
Exciter FilterNot required.Required.
Dichroic FilterNot Required.Required.
Emission filterAbsentPresent
Staining The specimen staining is done with the safranin, crystal violet, etc.The specimen staining is done with fluorochromes or Fluorescent dey.
Specimen PreparationQuick and simple processes.Long and complex processes.
ExpensiveIt is cheaper.Expensive and Specimen preparation is a costly process.
Image DetectorAbsentPresent
Image VisualizationImage is visualize through the eyepiece.Image is visualize on a digital display.
Protein LocalizationIt can not localize specific proteins within the cell.It can localize specific proteins within the cell.
multicolor stainingNot allowedAllowed
Living cell studyNot possiblePossible
fluorescence and phosphorescenceAbsentPresent

Brightfield Microscope Image

Bright Field Microscope

Fluorescence Microscope Image

Fluorescence Microscope Image


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