Best Microbiology Books For B.Sc 1st Year Students and Bacteriology

Hey, here I am sharing the best microbiology books for B.Sc 1st Year Students. All of these books are necessary for...

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Toluidine blue stain of Mast Cell.

Toluidine blue is a basic thiazine metachromatic dye that stains nuclei blue, and can be used to differentiate different...

Apr 6, 2021 · 1 min read >

Sudan Black B Staining

Sudan Black is a slightly basic dye and will combine with acidic groups in compound lipids, thus staining phospholipids...

Apr 6, 2021 · 1 min read >

18 Best books for Immunology

In this article i share a list of 18 Best books for Immunology

Apr 5, 2021 · 12 min read >

Parasporal Crystal Stain Principle, Procedure, Result

Production of parasporal crystals is a unique ability (among Bacillus species) of Bacillus thuringiensis. This stain is a means...

Apr 5, 2021 · 1 min read >

Top 14 books for Industrial Microbiology

In this article i will share a list of top books for Industrial Microbiology. Industrial Microbiology Author: A ....

Apr 4, 2021 · 7 min read >

Bacterial Flagella Staining by Leifson Flagella Stain Method

In 1930, Leifson introduced a simple flagella stain, using this stain he observed that mutations leading to nonflagellated from...

Apr 4, 2021 · 3 min read >

Flagella Staining Principle, Procedure, Result

Flagella can not be seen under a bright-field microscope by using ordinary stains. A simple and useful method has...

Apr 3, 2021 · 2 min read >

Capsule Staining Procedure, Principle, Result

Capsule staining is a differential staining method, where two different stains are used such as the primary stain and...

Apr 3, 2021 · 4 min read >

Endospore Staining Principle, Procedure, Result

There are two methods which are commonly used to stain bacterial endospore such as Schaeffer Fulton and Klein methods.

Apr 2, 2021 · 3 min read >

Negative Staining Principle, Procedure, Result

In negative staining method, an acidic dye is used known as India Ink or Nigrosin. When the bacterial cells...

Apr 1, 2021 · 2 min read >

Difference between Antigen and Antibody

Difference between Antigen and Antibody Characteristics Antigen Antibody Definition An antigen is any substance that triggers an immune response...

Mar 31, 2021 · 1 min read >

Simple Staining Procedure, Principle, Result

The main purpose of simple staining is to determine the cell shape, size, and arrangement of bacterial cells.

Mar 31, 2021 · 2 min read >

Comparison Between Kinyoun Stain vs Ziehl neelsen stain

In Kinyoun stain method basic fuchsin is used as a primary stain.

Mar 30, 2021 · 41 sec read >

Kinyoun stain (Acid Fast Cold) Method: Principle, Procedure, Result

Kinyoun method also known as Kinyoun stain (cold method), was first developed by Joseph J. Kinyoun.

Mar 30, 2021 · 2 min read >

Comparison Between Gram Stain and Acid Fast

Gram stain refers to a staining technique for the preliminary identification of bacteria, in which a violet dye is...

Mar 29, 2021 · 56 sec read >

Comparison Between Acid Fast and Non Acid Fast Bacteria

Acid Fast bacteria resist the decolorizing by acid after staining. Non Acid Fast Bacteria readily resist the decolorizing by...

Mar 29, 2021 · 23 sec read >

Bacterial Smear Preparation

A bacterial smear is a thin layer of bacterial cell/culture which is placed on a clean, grease-free microscopic slide...

Mar 29, 2021 · 2 min read >

30 Comparison between Gram-Positive and Gram-Negative Bacteria

Quick Comparison between Gram-Positive and Gram-Negative Bacteria Serial Characteristics Gram Positive Gram Negative 1 Gram staining Stained purple or...

Mar 29, 2021 · 1 min read >

Ziehl Neelsen Stain Principle, Procedure, Result

Ziehl Neelsen stinging method is used to differentiate between the acid-fast and non-acid fast bacteria.

Mar 28, 2021 · 4 min read >

Gram Staining Procedure, Principle, and Results

Gram-staining used to differentiate between Gram-Positive and Gram-Negative Bacteria.

Mar 28, 2021 · 4 min read >