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My name is Sourav Pan and I am the founder and CEO of Microbiologynote.com. I started this blog in 2020 with the goal of providing comprehensive and easy-to-understand information on microbiology. I completed my B.Sc in Microbiology from Midnapore College and went on to earn my M.Sc in Microbiology from the University of Calcutta. I’m 24 years old and I have always been passionate about microbiology and sharing my knowledge with others.

I started Microbiologynote.com as a platform to bridge the gap between the complex world of microbiology and the general public. My blog is a go-to resource for those looking to learn more about the microscopic organisms that play such a crucial role in our world. Whether you’re a student, researcher, or simply have a curious mind, Microbiologynote.com offers something for everyone.

I’m committed to providing comprehensive and easy-to-understand information on microbiology in my blog. My goal is to make the complex concepts of microbiology accessible to everyone. I hope my blog will help you understand the importance of microbiology and how it affects our daily lives.

Thank you for visiting my blog, and I hope you find it informative and engaging. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and passion for microbiology with you.


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About Microbiology Note

Microbiologynote.com is a free online platform committed to making sure that students, teachers and enthusiasts of microbiology around the globe get the information they require to fuel their research in the field of microbiology. By this we make education accessible to millions of microbiology students in India and across the globe.

Microbiologynote.com is an educational website for academic and research resources for students, researchers and tutors in microbiology. Microbiologynote.com was founded in 2020 by Sourav, with the sake to provide information and reference material of Microbiology to the students and the professionals.

Microbiologynote.com is committed to helping fresher students around the world find an interest in microbiology so that they can make a meaningful contribution to social development, especially in the field of research and development using germs.

This website provide an online platform where everyone will always have free access to scintillating microbiology notes, news and teaching resources in microbiology to fuel their research and quest into the microbial world. Students, researchers and tutors in the biological, pharmaceutical, environmental, biomedical and medical sciences to mention a few, will find www.microbiologynote.com breathtaking.

Microbiologynote.com was created for students and for tutors and other microbiology enthusiasts around the globe. We have plethora of microbiology notes and other topics and resources for understanding the foundations of microbiology. You can use the Search Box to look out any topic of your choice on the website. Microbiology is a transforming field of science; and we keep updating this website with the latest trends in the field.

Our mission is to make the best quality lecture notes in all areas of microbiology, and keep our website users up to date and informed with scintillating microbiology discoveries, news, resources and other information for self and professional development.

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