Bacteria Transformation Efficiency Calculator

Bacteria Transformation Efficiency Calculator

Vector Concentration (ng/ul):
Vector Volume Used (ul):
Ligation Volume (ul):
Transformation Volume (ul):
SOC Volume (ul):
Plate Spreading Volume (ul):
Total Clone Number:
Transformation Efficiency (ug/ml):

Transformation Efficiency = Number of Clones/Amount of Vector.


  • TE (ug/ml) = Transformation Efficiency (ug/ml)
  • TCN = Total Clone Number
  • PSV (ul) = Plate Spreading Volume (ul)
  • TV (ul) = Transformation Volume (ul)
  • TV (ul) = Ligation Volume (ul)
  • LV (ul) = Transformation Volume (ul)
  • VV (ul) = Vector Volume Used (ul)
  • VC (ng/ul) = Vector Concentration (ng/ul)
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