Laboratory Rules: Basic Rules Of A Microbiology Laboratory


A well-established microbiology laboratory is necessary for the work of microorganisms. The students/researchers/scientists must follow the basic rules while working with microorganisms.

Basic Rules Of A Microbiology Laboratory

Microbiology laboratories are a place where you can work with many microorganisms. There are many culture media available and organic materials present so there is a high chance of the presence of a broad microbial community.

Second, it is important to follow microbiological rules when working with pure cultures. This will ensure that the experiment does not fail or cause any hazards. Students who work in a microbiology lab with a lot of other students should know what to do. What are the apparatuses/instruments/equipment present in the laboratory and what is their functioning ?


How do you handle chemical solutions and stains? What should students do to enter the microbiology laboratory? The following guidelines must be followed by all freshers, including teachers, students, and laboratory assistants, as well as helpers:

  1. To protect yourself from contamination and hazards in the laboratory, always wear an apron (a white gown or coat) when entering the microbiology lab. Regularly wash the apron.
  2. Regularly trim your nails.
  3. To avoid fire hazards and contamination, tie long hairs back.
  4. Make sure you keep your laboratory bench free from any other items. You should not leave anything on the bench.
  5. Never keep books, purses, bags, etc. On the work bench.
  6. Before and after you do any work, wash your hands in running water.
  7. Use ethanol (70%) and phenol (1:100) to clean your work bench.
  8. Do not spit or smoke in the laboratory.
  9. You should not put any laboratory equipment (e.g. You should not put any laboratory items (e.g., needles, labels, inoculation needles, pins, etc.) in your mouth, nose, or ears.
  10. Do not put your fingers in the eyes, ears, or mouth. This could increase the risk of infection by pathogenic microorganisms.
  11. When working with microorganisms, it is important to not eat, drink, or speak.
  12. Don’t mishandle the chemical solution, stains, spirit lamp, UV light, instruments/apparatus or electricity.
  13. Keep the flames out of reach from organic solvents. Fire accidents can be avoided by taking great care. After use, the burner should be turned off immediately.
  14. When working with microorganisms, it is important to maintain a clean environment.
  15. Always use a flame-sterilized inoculation needle/loop
  16. Do not open the culture tubes/plates. Never inhale them.
  17. Close the culture tubes/plates in the vicinity of the flame of the burner.
  18. When working with broth culture, don’t swallow the suspension. Always use pipette sucker.
  19. Always label cultures after work is completed with the code, date and names of each culture. This will make it easier to record the data.
  20. Keep plates in tiers, and culture tubes upright in baskets or racks. Transfer all culture to the incubator at the desired temperature.
  21. Your cultures should never be forgotten at the table or on the seat.
  22. After the work is done, clean the table/bench.
  23. Tissue paper can be used to clean the objective lenses.
  24. When the work is done, keep the stains, stock cultures, and reagents in their original places.
  25. After completion of work keep your slides/pipette/culture tubes/plates in container and steam sterilise before washing.
  26. Record your result at time.
  27. Ask your lab assistant or the concerned teachers if you have any difficulties.

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