Biochemical Test of Bacillus cereus

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  1. Biochemical Test of Bacillus cereus

Biochemical Test of Bacillus cereus

­Basic CharacteristicsProperties (Bacillus cereus)
CatalasePositive (+ve)
CitratePositive (+ve)
Gelatin HydrolysisNegative (-ve)
Gram StainingPositive (+ve)
Growth in KCNPositive (+ve)
HemolysisPositive (+ve)
IndoleNegative (-ve)
MotilityPositive (+ve)
MR (Methyl Red)Negative (-ve)
Nitrate ReductionVariable
OxidaseNegative (-ve)
PigmentNegative (-ve)
SporePositive (+ve)
VP (Voges Proskauer)Positive (+ve)
Fermentation of
AdonitolNegative (-ve)
ArabinoseNegative (-ve)
ArabitolNegative (-ve)
FructosePositive (+ve)
GalactoseNegative (-ve)
GlucosePositive (+ve)
GlycerolPositive (+ve)
GlycogenPositive (+ve)
InositolNegative (-ve)
InulinNegative (-ve)
LactoseNegative (-ve)
MaltosePositive (+ve)
MannitolNegative (-ve)
MannoseNegative (-ve)
MelibioseNegative (-ve)
RaffinoseNegative (-ve)
RhamnoseNegative (-ve)
RibosePositive (+ve)
SorbitolNegative (-ve)
StarchPositive (+ve)
TrehalosePositive (+ve)
XyloseNegative (-ve)
Enzymatic Reactions
Acetate UtilizationVariable
Arginine DehydrolaseVariable
Casein HydrolysisPositive (+ve)
Esculin HydrolysisPositive (+ve)
LecithinasePositive (+ve)
LysineNegative (-ve)
Ornithine DecarboxylaseNegative (-ve)
Phenylalanine DeaminaseNegative (-ve)
Tyrosine HydrolysisPositive (+ve)
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