Boiling Point and Melting Point

Boiling Point (BP) the temperature at which a liquid boils and turns to vapour. Melting point, temperature at which the solid and liquid forms of a pure substance can exist in equilibrium. As heat is applied to a solid, its temperature will increase until the melting point is reached. More heat then will convert the solid into a liquid with no temperature change.

Here is the list of Boiling Point and Melting Point of some molecules with their formula.

Substance BP (C) BP (F)
Acetaldehyde20.8 °C69 °F
Acetic Acid Anhydride139 °C282 °F
Acetone50.5 °C133 °F
Acetylene-84 °C-119 °F
Alcohol – allyl97.2 °C207 °F
Alcohol – butyl-n117 °C243 °F
Alcohol – ethyl (grain, ethanol)79 °C172.4 °F
Alcohol – methyl (wood, methanol)64.7 °C151 °F
Alcohol – propyl97.5 °C207 °F
Ammonia-35.5 °C-28.1 °F
Aniline184.4 °C363 °F
Benzene (Benzol)80.4 °C176 °F
Butane-n-0.5 °C31.1 °F
Butyric acid n162.5 °C316 °F
Carbolic Acid (phenol)182.2 °C360 °F
Carbon Dioxide-78.5 °C-109.3 °F
Carbon Disulfide46.2 °C115 °F
Carbon Tetrachloride76.7 °C170 °F
Chloroform62.2 °C142 °F
Decane-n173 °C343 °F
Diethyl Ether34.7 °C94.4 °F
Ethane-88 °C-127 °F
Ether35 °C95 °F
Ethyl Acetate77.2 °C171 °F
Ethyl Alcohol77.85 °C172.13 °F
Ethyl Bromide38.4 °C101 °F
Ethylene Bromide131.7 °C269 °F
Ethylene Glycol197 °C386 °F
Freon refrigerant R-1123.8 °C74.9 °F
Freon refrigerant R-12-29.8 °C-21.6 °F
Freon refrigerant R-22-41.2 °C-42.1 °F
Furfurol161.7 °C323 °F
Glycerin290 °C554 °F
Glycerine290 °C554 °F
Heptane-n98.4 °C209.2 °F
Hexane-n68.7 °C155.7 °F
Jet Fuel163 °C325 °F
Linseed Oil287 °C548 °F
Methyl Acetate57.2 °C135 °F
Methyl Iodide42.6 °C108 °F
Milk100.167 °C212.3 °F
Naphthalene218 °C424 °F
Nitrobenzene210.9 °C412 °F
Nonane-n150.7 °C302 °F
Octane-n125.6 °C258 °F
Olive Oil300 °C570 °F
Pentane-n36 °C96.9 °F
Petrol95 °C203 °F
Petroleum210 °C410 °F
Phenol182 °C359 °F
Propane-43 °C-45 °F
Propionic Acid141 °C286 °F
Propylene-47.7 °C-53.9 °F
Propylene Glycol187 °C368 °F
Tar300 °C572 °F
Toluene110.6 °C231 °F
Turpentine160 °C320 °F
Water (fresh)100 °C212 °F
Xylene-o142.7 °C287 °F
Actinium3198 °C5788 °F
Aluminum2441 °C4426 °F
Americium2607 °C4725 °F
Antimony1440 °C2625 °F
Argon−185.848 °C−302.526 °F
Arsenic614 °C (subl.)1137 °F
Astatine337 °C638.6(?) °F
Barium1637 °C2978 °F
Berkelium2627 °C4761 °F
Beryllium2475 °C4487 °F
Bismuth1564 °C2847 °F
Boron3927 °C7101 °F
Bromine58.8 °C142 °F
Cadmium767 °C1413 °F
Calcium1484 °C2703 °F
Cerium3443 °C6229 °F
Cesium670.8 °C1240 °F
Chlorine−34.04 °C−29.27 °F
Chromium2670 °C4838 °F
Cobalt2925 °C5297 °F
Copper2575 °C4667 °F
Curium3110 °C5630  °F
Dysprosium2567 °C4653 °F
Einsteinium860 °C1580 °F
Erbium2868 °C5194 °F
Europium1529 °C2784 °F
Fermium1527 °C1800.15 °F
Fluorine−188.11 °C−306.60 °F
Francium677(?) °C1250.6 °F
Gadolinium3000 °C5432  °F
Gallium2400 °C4352  °F
Germanium2833 °C5131 °F
Gold2800 °C5072 °F
Hafnium4603 °C8317 °F
Helium-269 °C-452 °F
Holmium2600 °C4712 °F
Hydrogen-253 °C-423 °F
Indium2072 °C3762 °F
Iodine184.3 °C363.8 °F
Iridium4130 °C7466 °F
Iron2870 °C5198 °F
Krypton−153.415 °C−244.147 °F
Lanthanum3464 °C6267 °F
Lead1750 °C3182 °F
Lithium1330 °C2426  °F
Lutetium3402 °C6156 °F
Magnesium1090 °C1994 °F
Manganese2060 °C3740 °F
Mercury357 °C675 °F
Molybdenum4651 °C8403 °F
Neodymium3074 °C5565 °F
Neon−246.046 °C−410.883 °F
Neptunium4000  °C7232 °F
Nickel2800 °C5072 °F
Niobium4740 °C8564 °F
Nitrogen-196 °C-320 °F
Osmium5012 °C9054 °F
Oxygen-183 °C-297 °F
Palladium2963 °C5365 °F
Phosphorus (red)431 °C (subl.)808(subl.) °F
Phosphorus (white)277 °C531 °F
Platinum3825 °C4098 °F
Plutonium3230 °C5846 °F
Polonium962 °C1764 °F
Potassium760 °C1400 °F
Praseodymium3130 °C5666 °F
Promethium3000  °C5432 °F
Protactinium4027(?) °C7280.6(?) °F
Radium1737 °C3159 °F
Radon−61.7 °C−79.1 °F
Rhenium5596  °C10105  °F
Rhodium3700 °C6692 °F
Rubidium688  °C1270  °F
Ruthenium4150  °C7502  °F
Samarium1900  °C3452 °F
Scandium2836  °C5136  °F
Selenium700 °C1292 °F
Silicon3280 °C5936 °F
Silver2212 °C4013 °F
Sodium884 °C1623 °F
Strontium1382  °C2511  °F
Sulfur444.6 °C823 °F
Tantalum5365 °C9689 °F
Technetium4265  °C7709  °F
Tellurium988  °C1810  °F
Terbium3123  °C5653  °F
Thallium1473  °C2683  °F
Thorium4800 °C8672 °F
Thulium1950  °C3542  °F
Tin2600 °C4712 °F
Titanium3290 °C5954 °F
Tungsten5550 °C10022 °F
Uranium4140 °C7484 °F
Vanadium3407  °C6165  °F
Xenon−108.099 °C−162.578 °F
Ytterbium1430  °C2606  °F
Yttrium2930  °C5306  °F
Zinc910 °C1670 °F
Zirconium4377  °C7911  °F