Top 20 Scopus Indexed Journals in Accounting and Taxation with Impact Factor

Top 20 Scopus Indexed Journals in Accounting and Taxation with Impact Factor
Top 20 Scopus Indexed Journals in Accounting and Taxation with Impact Factor

Top 20 Scopus Indexed Journals in Accounting and Taxation with Impact Factor

Accounting and taxation are fields that have seen significant growth and evolution over the years. With the increasing complexity of financial systems and regulations, there’s a growing need for high-quality research journals that provide insights, methodologies, and findings in these areas. Here’s a list of the top 20 Scopus indexed journals in accounting and taxation, along with their impact factors:

  1. The Accounting Review (2.319)
    • Premier journal since 1926.
    • Focuses on accounting research results and related research methodologies.
    • Publishes six issues annually.
  2. Journal of Accounting and Economics (5.817)
    • Encourages economic theory application to explain accounting phenomena.
    • Explores the role of accounting within firms, capital markets, financial contracts, and more.
  3. Journal of Accounting Research (4.364)
    • General-interest accounting journal.
    • Publishes research across all accounting areas using various methodologies.
  4. Contemporary Accounting Research (3.543)
    • Leading journal of the Canadian Academic Accounting Association.
    • Focuses on accounting’s role within organizations, markets, and society.
  5. Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal (3.497)
    • Explores the interaction between accounting/auditing and socio-economic environments.
    • Investigates policy and practice alternatives.
  6. Review of Accounting Studies (3.419)
    • Outlet for significant academic research in accounting.
    • Committed to rigorous scholarship.
  7. Accounting, Organizations and Society (4.000)
    • Examines relationships among accounting, human behavior, and socio-political enterprise environments.
  8. The British Accounting Review (5.577)
    • Publishes papers across the spectrum of accounting and finance.
    • Welcomes diverse research methodologies.
  9. Critical Perspectives on Accounting (3.176)
    • Provides a forum for accounting researchers and practitioners.
    • Seeks to reformulate corporate, social, and political activity.
  10. Accounting and Business Research (1.833)
  • Focuses on significant contributions to knowledge in accounting areas.
  • Covers a broad range of accounting topics.
  1. Auditing: A Journal of Practice & Theory (2.108)
  • Aims to improve both the practice and theory of auditing.
  • Covers both internal and external auditing as well as other attestation activities.
  1. Managerial Auditing Journal (1.870)
  • Provides a global forum for examining current research and practice in auditing and assurance.
  • Explores the relationship between theory and practice in auditing.
  1. Management Accounting Research (3.688)
  • Dedicated to publishing original scholarly work in the field of management accounting.
  • Welcomes research papers using diverse methodologies.
  1. Meditari Accountancy Research (2.580)
  • Strong focus on the social impacts of accounting.
  • Welcomes manuscripts addressing a wide range of accountancy-related topics.
  1. Journal of Business Finance & Accounting (2.473)
  • Publishes high-quality research papers in accounting, corporate finance, and their interfaces.
  • Recognizes the role of accounting in resolving informational problems in financial markets.
  1. Accounting & Finance (2.942)
  • Publishes articles addressing significant research questions from various perspectives.
  • Covers a broad range of topics in accounting and finance.
  1. Accounting Horizons (1.576)
  • Focuses on the scholarship of integration and application.
  • Recognized as an A journal indexed in both Scopus and SSCI.
  1. Journal of Accounting and Public Policy (2.815)
  • Focuses on the intersection between accounting and public policy.
  • Gives preference to papers that explore the effects of accounting on public policy and vice-versa.
  1. European Accounting Review (1.855)
  • International scholarly journal of the European Accounting Association.
  • Aims to advance accounting knowledge and welcomes high-quality accounting research manuscripts.
  1. International Tax and Public Finance (1.340)
  • Publishes outstanding original research in all areas of public economics.
  • Historically strong in open economy, international, and inter-jurisdictional issues.



The field of accounting and taxation is vast and ever-evolving. These top Scopus indexed journals play a pivotal role in disseminating knowledge, promoting research, and shaping the future of the industry. Whether you’re a researcher, practitioner, or student, staying updated with these journals can provide valuable insights into the latest trends, methodologies, and findings in the world of accounting and taxation.

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