Difference Between Compound Microscope and Simple Microscope.

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Difference Between Compound Microscope and Simple Microscope.

Follow my previous articles for detail study about compound microscope and simple microscope.

Characteristics Simple Microscope Compound Microscope
Number of lenses One to magnify objects 3-5 to magnify objects
Condenser lens Condenser lens is absent in Simple microscope. Condenser lens is present in Compound Microscope.
Mirror type Concave reflecting One side is plain and the other side is concave
Source of Light Natural Illuminator
Level of magnification One level only Higher-level
Structure Stand is small, hollow cylindrical attached to the base and is used to hold the microscope. Arm is curved and is used to hold the microscope.
Usage of course, hooks, and knobs The usage of course, hooks, and knobs is not that much. The use of knobs is much, which help in focusing and as a result, a clear and concise image is seen.
Used Can only be used in simple ways such as enlarging small letters while reading. Has a wide range of use such as in studying the structure of different objects, e.g. details of cells in living organisms.
Magnifying power Up to 300X 2,000X
Adjusting Magnification No Yes

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