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Do’s And Don’ts For Qualifying GATE Exam

Gratitude Aptitude Test of Engineering (GATE) is among the most well-known examinations in India providing numerous opportunities for students to further their...

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Do’s And Don’ts For Qualifying GATE Exam
Do’s And Don’ts For Qualifying GATE Exam

Gratitude Aptitude Test of Engineering (GATE) is among the most well-known examinations in India providing numerous opportunities for students to further their career. GATE is a test that is administered in 29 disciplines or subjects and candidates can select the one that best suits their area of particular interest.

GATE is a test that is national in scope that is administered and authorized across eight regions of the nation. The test is conducted in collaboration with IITs (Indian Institutes of Technology), IISc (Indian Institute of Science) and GATE committee in the name of Department of Education, National Coordinating Board and Ministry of Human Resources Development. The purpose of the test is to determine the level of expertise of candidates in areas like engineering and science. The scorecard is also used by several PSUs (Public Sector Undertakings) to hire candidates for specific positions in Hindustan Petroleum, GAIL, Indian Oil, and so on.

Due to the fierce competition and a growing number of applicants every year it is essential to prepare properly. Students must be able to comprehend the basic concepts and their applications.

As the first tip, applicants must collect all of the relevant studying materials, including questions from the previous year. Make a schedule with enough and devoted time for the individual areas of your chosen field.

Candidates who want to achieve a high score must take note of these important GATE Exam Tips Do’s and Don’ts of the GATE test.

1. While preparing for the GATE exam

  • Pick the subject you are interested in: It is important to select the subject carefully. There are 29 subjects that are on the GATE exam right today. In accordance with your level of proficiency or expertise pick the subject that will allow you to pass the GATE test. In addition, you must be prepared for the GATE test based by the weightage.
  • Examine the most recent syllabus: GATE applicants must prepare their topics following the syllabus that is official. IIT Kharagpur will be organizing GATE 2022. Visit the official website for the most current edition of the GATE syllabus.
  • Learn about the GATE exam format: Questions are set in accordance with the exam pattern set by the exam’s coordinating body. It is crucial for applicants to know the structure of the GATE test. This will help them comprehend the questions that are frequently asked and the difficulty of particular questions, and how problems are structured. It can also aid to plan and organize preparation in accordance with. Questions from previous years can be another way to learn the GATE test pattern.
  • Create a solid study plan: Ensure that you develop a solid study plan before the examination preparation for the GATE. What time do you need to devote each day to GATE exam preparation? What are your strengths and weak points? What topics did you study? What are the subjects you should learn? Particularly, if you’re in college.
  • Create a flawless and suitable timetable: The most crucial things that candidates for the GATE must concentrate on is managing their time. So, make a precise and precise timetable of everything and follow it strictly.
  • Study well:  Candidates with an in-depth or comprehensive understanding of their subject matter can get a good score on the GATE test. Conversely, those who study superficially will have a difficult time to pass the GATE test. So, make sure you do an extensive study of the basics. Note down every important numerical problem equations, formulae, and equations to make it easier.
  • Make note of the difficult and easy topics: Candidates must highlight difficult and easy topics in accordance with their study and preparation. Students can then decide what topic to give more or less focus to. Questions for GATE are created
  • Practice as many times as possible: The practice helps increase your confidence, and increases the likelihood of scoring high marks on the GATE test. Try solving sample questions as well as previous years’ question papers to gain a better understanding of the test pattern. Also, practicing regularly aids in improving accuracy and avoid embarrassing mistakes. When you practice with mock tests, you should try to answer the questions using a variety of concepts or formulas. With this method, you can identify the most appropriate formula for particular questions.
  • Revision your subjects thoroughly: Revision plays an important function in examination preparation for the GATE. If you want to pass the GATE exam with high scores make sure to reserve the time to revise after you have completed the syllabus. Review each section and recall the information you’ve learned prior to. The revision process must be monitored and scheduled according to the level of difficulty. If certain topics are difficult to remember or require greater attention, they need to be reviewed more frequently to help solidify the ideas. Keep a separate notebook with essential formulas. This will be very helpful in revision.
  • Focus: Keep your attention in achieving your objectives and goals. Students are able to learn from their past mistakes when they prepare for the GATE test.
  • Regularly exercising: Yoga and exercises can boost your memory. So, you should do a few exercises each day to keep you physically and mentally healthy.
  • Find a reputable GATE coach program: do not feel confident in studying on your own, you should enroll in a excellent GATE coaching program to get greater success. These centers or institutes assist you in focusing on the GATE exam prep according to your capabilities and skills.
  • Use books written by experts: The exam papers are prepared by professional writers from NITsand IITs IISc and various other institutions. Therefore, it is advisable to select books written by skilled experts. They are well-written with analytic details on every subject. They’re easy to comprehend for students, and even newcomers.
  • Time management in practice: The length of the GATE test is 3 hours , and applicants have to solve all questions within the given time period. Certain questions require clever theories and complex calculations. It is therefore essential to be able to manage timing during GATE test. Thus, GATE candidates must learn time management in order to pass the test.
  • Relax and meditate on the final day: With the correct attitude and positive outlook students are sure to be successful in the GATE test. It is therefore essential that candidates calm and calm their minds prior to the test day. They should be free of any tensions that are not needed.

2. While attempting the GATE exam

  • Make sure you arrive at the exam center early: Get to the test center at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time for reporting. This will allow you to relax your mind before taking the GATE test.
  • Examine the paper prior to you begin to answer: An exhaustive analysis of the questions will help you avoid misinterpretations. Be sure to read through all questions without wasting too much time. If you encounter some difficult questions, make sure to mark them to give them more time to them. Another option is mark the keywords in order to avoid any additional errors. Make sure you finish your answer within 30 minutes of the allotted time to check your answers. Candidates should read the directions in the paper carefully.
  • Take questions in the general Aptitude (GA) part first: GA is among the easiest sections of all the GATE test since it is the most basic aptitude for numerical and English questions. The section is comprised of 10 questions that carry 1.5 marks per question. As this is the most straightforward section, you need to start by answering your questions by answering the GA section. It’s easy to finish this in just 20 minutes. This should give you enough time to complete the remainder of the page.
  • Make a plan and decide on your strategy: The most well-prepared and determined students fail their GATE test due to a poor approach. Examine the questions thoroughly and mark those that require more focus. After you have completed your GA section, start the with the technical questions, which require one mark for each. Make sure to keep the two marks questions prior to the final ones because they take the longest time. Also, it is important to focus on MCQs (Multiple Selection Questions) because these types of questions are much easier to answer in comparison with NAQs (Numerical Answer Questions).
  • Use quick strategies whenever possible: These formulas and tricks can help students solve questions in math and numerical terms easily in the GATE exam. These strategies can help in reducing the complexity of difficult questions. When you face a difficult problem, make sure to apply the strategies.
  • Maintain a positive and focused mind: No matter the circumstances Try to keep positive attitudes throughout the GATE test. Try to be the best you can on this exam by taking an enthused approach. There is a higher chance of making mistakes when you try to take the test quickly. Be sure to take an attentive and positive manner as you go through the questions.
  • Answer all the questions in numerical order: In the GATE test you will not receive negative markings for numerical questions. Therefore, you are able to confidently answer all numerical questions without worrying.
  • Use a limit for answering: Set a time limit when answering Questions on GATE generally can be answered using the maximum of eight steps. If you go over the limit, it’s best to go back and review the answer.
  • Use the ‘eliminate the wrong/irrelevant’ answer method: For Mock-questionnaires, you can use this technique so that you’ll be getting a narrower selection of answers

Don’ts For Acing The GATE Exam – GATE EXAM Tips

1. While preparing for the GATE exam

  • Don’t get distracted: GATE candidates must be focused during the test. Candidates with a high level of concentration are more likely to receiving impressive performance. Be sure to keep your focus on your studies instead of thinking about the other candidates their study habits.
  • Don’t read a lot of books: Choose only a handful of specific and reliable sources for reference. If you are referring to several books on the same subject, it can result in confusion. For each topic, you may only use a maximum of two books.
  • Avoid studying out of the syllabus: The excessive amount of preparation is not ideal for students who want to take GATE. They may get off the correct syllabus. Concentrate on the particular syllabus that is provided by the coordinating organization for GATE test.
  • Don’t waste your time: Do not spend your precious moments playing with games, in films or on television, but instead, utilize this time to study for the GATE. If you’re tired take a break and exercise, such as cycling or walking, yoga, or other activities.
  • Don’t make a mess of the formulas or equations:  Avoid mugging the formulas, instead take the time to understand the basic concepts. A majority of the questions on the GATE test are indirect and therefore students have to use the knowledge. Thus, they should understand the concepts thoroughly.
  • Do not lose your faith: Do not be down or discouraged when you fail to pass in the first attempt, or get poor scores on the GATE test. Be persistent and continue to practice.
  • Don’t lose balance: Be sure to stay on your feet GATE applicants must focus on both analytical and theoretic questions. To be able to pass the GATE test, you must to be able to solve all kinds of questions.
  • Do not try last-minute studies:  Avoid last-minute study instead of tackling any new subjects at the last minute it is best to review and study the topics you are familiar with. The last-minute study can be stressful and lead to poor performance in the test.
  • Do not mistake PYQs (Previous Years Questions) for mock tests: GATE candidates must take PYQs at the initial stages of exam and leave those mock tests until the final exam.

2. While attempting the GATE exam

  • Do not avoid any questions/sections: Try to answer all the questions. However, bear in mind that the GATE exams have a negative marking scheme. Don’t attempt a question, if you are not fully sure of the answer.
  • Do not omit the mathematics section: Don’t avoid analytical questions as there is more weightage for these questions. You can easily score well if you answer these questions correctly.
  • Do not panic: The more you panic, the more nervous you become. So it is best to give the GATE exam with a positive attitude. If you find it hard to answer a question, don’t panic but attempt answering it with another formula/approach.

Follow these Dos & Don’ts for clearing the GATE exam with flying colors. Please feel free to comment below for more doubts.

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Writer and Founder of I am from India and my main purpose is to provide you a strong understanding of Microbiology.

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