How to use Measuring Cylinder to measure volume?

A measuring cylinder is a laboratory equipment used to determine the volume of liquid. Also known as a graduated cylinder, mixing measuring cylinder, this cylinder is more precise and precise measurements than other lab flasks and beakers.

The measuring cylinders are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 10ml to 1000 milliliters. The measurements are made following the measurement of the lower portion of the meniscus.


What is the meniscus?

Based on the information that is available from different sources The meniscus is the lower part in the convex dip of liquid when it is settled in the measuring cylindrical.

What’s the cause of meniscus development?

Meniscus formation is caused by its attraction to water molecules inside the walls of the cylinder. The concept is founded on the concept that says “Adhesive forces are more powerful than forces that are cohesive”.


The steps involved in taking measurements or calculating the volume of a measuring cylinder for measurement.

To determine the volume by using the aid the cylinder that measures you must determine the height (h) and the diameter (r) that the cylinder has, and then incorporate it into a simple formula: V = HpR2. The steps are as follows:

  • The first step is to determine the diameter of the basis of the measurement cylindrical. If you are aware of the diameter of the circle, then you could divide it by 2 or if you have the circumference, you need to divide it by 2p.
  • Then, determine the area of the base. The formula to calculate the circle’s area is applicable in this case The formula is A = pr2.
  • Thirdly, calculate your cylinder’s height. It is possible to employ a scale or ruler to determine the height. The height is how much space is between sides between the bases.
  • Fourth, once you have determined the area and height, you need to divide the size of the circular base and the height by which the cylinder is. the formula to measure the volume of the cylinder is: V = HPR2.

It is important to note that the volume is always measured in cubic units since it’s the measurement of the three-dimensional space. The p figure is roughly the same as 22/7.


Important Notes to Take during the measurement

  • You must ensure that you’ve accurately measured the volume in the process of volume measurement.
  • If you’re not sure about your own calculations, then use an online calculator. This will make the work simple and quicker.
  • “Practice can make the perfect man”This saying is applicable for us too. Create a few exercises and practice them before you perform the task in actual.
  • Remember the essential formulas to ensure that, during the process you don’t have to fight to get it.

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