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Immunofluorescence Quenching Solution Preparation and Application

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Immunofluorescence Quenching Solution Application

Immunofluorescence Quenching Solution is used in immunofluorescence and immunocytochemistry applications.

Components required

The following components are required to prepare 1L of Immunofluorescence Quenching Solution.

Glycine (mw: 75.07 g/mol)3.75 g0.05 M
NH4Cl (mw: 53.49 g/mol)2.67 g0.05 M

Immunofluorescence Quenching Solution Preparation

  1. Prepare 800 mL of distilled water in a suitable container.
  2. Add 3.75 g of Glycine to the solution.
  3. Add 2.67 g of NH4Cl to the solution.
  4. Add distilled water until volume is 1 L.
  5. Quenching solution can be stored at ~20°C for several weeks.


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