Microbiology MCQ – MCQ questions on DNA Replication


1. DNA replication is

  • Semi-conservative, continuous, unidirectional
  • Conservative, continuous
  • Semi-conservative, semi-discontinuous
  • Semi-Continuous, conservative

2. During replication of DNA

  • The two daughter molecules develop from both the parental strands
  • RNA functions as template
  • One strand from parent and one strand freshly formed in the two daughter molecules
  • One daughter receives both the parental strands while the other daughter receives newly formed strands

3. When DNA replication starts

  • The leading strand produces Okazaki fragments.
  • The hydrogen bonds between the nucleotides of two strands break.
  • The phosphodiester bonds between the adjacent nucleotides break.
  • The bonds between the nitrogen base and deoxyribose sugar break.

4. In bacterial DNA replication, synthesis starting from the site of origin of replication

  • Involves RNA primers
  • Requires telomerase
  • Proceeds unidirectionally
  • Moves bidirectionally

5. Gap between division phase and start of DNA-replication is called?

  • G1 – Phase
  • G2- Phase
  • M – Phase

6. Replication of DNA is in

  • 3′- 5’direction
  • 5′- 3′ direction


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