MCQ on Schistosomiasis

Schistosomiasis, also known as snail fever, is a parasitic disease caused by trematode worms of the genus Schistosoma. It is transmitted through contact with freshwater that has been contaminated with the larvae of these worms, which can penetrate the skin of humans who are bathing, washing, or swimming in the water. Schistosomiasis can affect the … Read more

MCQ on Amebiasis

Amebiasis is an infection caused by the parasite Entamoeba histolytica. It can affect the large intestine (colon) and cause symptoms such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, and fever. In severe cases, it can lead to the development of abscesses (collections of pus) in the liver, lungs, or brain. Amebiasis is spread through the fecal-oral route, which … Read more

MCQ on Centrifuge Blood Sample

Answer: A) Separating cells from a liquid sample Answer: D) All of the above Answer: A) By using a spinning motion to separate cells based on density Advertisements Answer: A) Rotor, tube holders, and control panel Answer: D) All of the above Advertisements Answer: A) The size and weight of the rotor, the type of … Read more

MCQ on Water Distiller

A water distiller is a device that is used to purify water by removing contaminants and impurities. It works by heating water to its boiling point, so that the water evaporates and leaves behind any impurities or contaminants. The resulting steam is then collected and cooled, resulting in pure, distilled water. There are several types … Read more

MCQ on Industrial centrifuge

An industrial centrifuge is a machine used to separate liquids and solids by spinning them at high speeds. Industrial centrifuges are used in a variety of industries, including chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing, and oil and gas, to separate and purify substances. There are many different types of industrial centrifuges, including decanter centrifuges, basket centrifuges, disk … Read more

MCQ on PRP Centrifuge

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) centrifuge is a medical device used to separate and concentrate platelets from a sample of blood. PRP is a component of blood that contains a high concentration of platelets, which are important for blood clotting and wound healing. PRP centrifuges work by spinning a sample of blood at high speeds, causing the … Read more

MCQ on Polarizing Microscopes

A polarizing microscope is a specialized type of microscope that uses polarizing filters to analyze the properties of materials. It is used to study the optical properties of minerals, polymers, and other materials, and can be used to determine the purity, crystalline structure, and birefringence of these materials. Polarizing microscopes work by passing light through … Read more

MCQ on Mollusca

Mollusca is a large phylum of invertebrate animals that includes snails, clams, oysters, and octopuses, as well as several other types of animals. Mollusks are characterized by their soft bodies and the presence of a mantle, which is a layer of tissue that covers their internal organs and often secretes a shell. Most mollusks also … Read more

MCQ on Production of Cultures for Food Fermentations

1. The microorganisms added to Swiss cheese to improve flavor and assist eye formation is Answer: Answer: d 2. Moistened sterile crackers support the growth of Advertisements Answer: a 3. Distiller’s yeast is a high-alcohol yielding strain of Advertisements Answer: c 4. Soil stocks are preserved by Advertisements Answer: a 5. Dried yeast contains Advertisements … Read more


Molecular Biology MCQ – MCQ on CRISPR 1. What does the cas9 protein do? Prevents viruses from entering bacteria Cut RNA Cut DNA Binds to RNA 2. How does the guide RNA help the cell know where to cut the DNA? Advertisements Guide RNA helps to find the PAM Guide RNA is complementary to the … Read more

MCQ on Molecular Biology

Biology MCQ – MCQ on Molecular Biology 1. Peptide linkages are formed in between Nucleotides Amino acids Glucose molecules Sucrose 2. The nucleic acid of polio viruses is Advertisements DNA RNA – (+) type t-RNA m-RNA 3. Rabies virus is Nake RNA virus Naked DNA virus Enveloped RNA virus Enveloped DNA virus 4. Example for … Read more

MCQ on Nutrition of Bacteria

1. The main product of glycolysis under aerobic conditions is Pyruvate Lactate None of these Both a and b 2. The protein moiety of an enzyme is known as Holo enzyme Apo enzyme Co enzyme Enzyme 3. Yeast extract is an excellent source of Advertisements A Vitamin Proteins B Vitamin Carbohydrates 4. Example of anaerobic … Read more

MCQ on General Characteristics of Microorganisms

Biology MCQ – MCQ on General Characteristics of Microorganisms 1. When a bacterial cell and mitochondria are treated with cyanide and carbon monoxide what happens initially? Respiration inhibits Photosynthesis inhibits Protein synthesis inhibits No effect occurs 2. Which virus was first observed? Advertisements Hepatitis Virus TMV Cauliflower mossaic virus None of these 3. The most … Read more

MCQ on Fungi Introduction

Biology MCQ – MCQ on Fungi Introduction 1. A fungus is any member of – Eukaryotic Prokaryotic 2. Example of fungus are – Advertisements yeasts and molds, as well as the more familiar mushrooms Staphylococcus epidermidis Streptococcus pyrogenes Euglenophyta 3. A characteristic that places fungi in a different kingdom from plants, bacteria, and some protists … Read more

Biology MCQ – MCQ on Fungi

Biology MCQ – MCQ on Fungi 1. Dermatophytic diseases attributed infections to __ humans insects monkeys birds 2. Fungus diseases that occur on the nails, skin, hair are referred to as systemic mycoses. Advertisements True False 3. Which of the following does not grow in Sabouraud’s glucose agar media? Histoplasma capsulatum Coccidioides immitis Sporothrix schenckii … Read more

Microbiology MCQ – MCQ questions on DNA Replication

1. DNA replication is Semi-conservative, continuous, unidirectional Conservative, continuous Semi-conservative, semi-discontinuous Semi-Continuous, conservative 2. During replication of DNA The two daughter molecules develop from both the parental strands RNA functions as template One strand from parent and one strand freshly formed in the two daughter molecules One daughter receives both the parental strands while the … Read more

MCQ on DNA Replication

Biology MCQ – MCQ on DNA Replication 1. You isolate a cell strain in which the joining together of Okazaki fragments is impaired and suspect that a mutation has occurred in an enzyme found at the replication fork. The enzyme most likely to be mutated is__________, as this enzyme joins together Okazaki fragments. 2. DNA … Read more

Biology MCQ – MCQ on Protozoa Characteristics

1. Which of the following class of protozoa does not generally contain contractile vacuole? Sporozoa Rhizopoda Flagellata Cilliata 2. Trypanosoma belongs to which of the following group? mastigophora sarcodina sporozoa ciliata 3. Which of the following protozoan causes African sleeping sickness Advertisements Plasmodium vivax Entamoeba gingivalis Trypanosoma lewsii Trypanosoma gambiense 4. Unicellular eukaryotes are grouped … Read more

Biology MCQ – MCQ on Protozoa

Biology Mcq – Here is the list of MCQ on Protozoa 1. Animals that are routinely infected with a protozoan or parasite are termed as ___ definitive host intermediate host reservoir host parasitic host 2. For the malaria protozoa, mosquitoes are the definitive host. Advertisements True False 3. Laboratory diagnosis of Entamoeba histolytica depends on … Read more

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