Antiviral Drug – Mode of Action

OSC Microbio 14 03 Acyclovir

Antiviral drug referred to those drugs or chemical agents that are used for the treatment of viral infection. There are present several types of antiviral drugs that are used for the treatment of viral infections such as Amantadine, Acyclovir, Azidothymidine, Ganciclovir, Abacavir. Each of these antiviral drugs follows a different mechanism. The variation in their mechanism depends on the types of virus.

Antifungal Drug – Mode of Action

Mode of Action of Antifungal Drugs

Treatment of an antifungal disease is quite difficult than a bacterial infection. The reason is quite clear that most of the eukaryotic fungal cells have a lot in common with human cells, so antifungal drugs can also damage the host body cells. Also, some fungi have detoxification properties that can modify antifungal drugs and as … Read more

Antimicrobial Agent and Chemotherapy

Antimicrobial agents and Chemotherapy

Definition of Antimicrobial Agent Antimicrobial agent refers to those chemical or physical agents which are used to kill microorganisms or prevent their growth. Advertisements There are present several types of microorganism which are responsible for infection or disease in animal or human body such as fungi, bacteria, virus, etc. Similarly, there are present different types … Read more

Bacterial Food Poisoning: Symptoms, Prevention, Causes & Treatment.

Bacterial Food Poisoning:

Facts of Bacterial Food Poisoning In United State, bacterial food poisoning is a common disease. According to the CDC, between 24 to 81 million peoples in U.S. affected by bacterial food poisoning each year. The most common symptoms of bacterial food poisoning are vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. Most of the symptoms of bacterial food … Read more

Pathogen Virulence Factors Definition and Pathogenicity

Virulence Factors

Virulence Definition Virulence define the intensity of a pathogen to cause disease. The Virulence varies among different microbial species. Virulence enables the microorganism to carry a specific character which can damage the tissue of the host cell. Virulence helps the microorganism to better survive its residency in the host. The virulence property of an organism varies … Read more

Transmission of Diseases

Transmission of Disease

Maintain an infectious disease in a human population the pathogens must need to be transmitted from one host or source to another. In Biology the term transmission is refers to the passing of a pathogen from one individual to another individual which can cause a serious disease or infection. The transmission of disease is occurred … Read more

Nosocomial Infection and its Prevention, Source, Transmission

Nosocomial Infection

A nosocomial infection, also known as a hospital-acquired infection, is an infection that a patient contracts during the course of receiving treatment for another condition in a healthcare setting such as a hospital, nursing home, or clinic. Nosocomial infections have been a significant problem throughout history, with reports of healthcare-associated infections dating back to the … Read more

Endemic, Epidemic, and Pandemic Definition In Microbiology.

Epidemiology Definition: Endemic, Epidemic, Pandemic.

Hey there today in this article we will learn about epidemiology. Before we know about the epidemiology, first we need to analyse the term epidemiology. The term epidemiology comes from a Greek word epidemios which mean “among the people” and logos, meaning “study”. Epidemiology is a branch of microbiology in which epidemiologist are concern about … Read more

Host pathogen Interaction and Its Importance.

Host Pathogen Interction

Host Pathogen Interaction Before we proceed about Host pathogen interaction, first we need to know What is Host? and What Is pathogen? The term pathogen refers to those agents, which has the capability to cause disease. For example, viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, has the capability to cause disease, so they will call pathogens. The term … Read more

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