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A 100 Kb DNA fragment has to be cloned in a host cell. Which vector should be used for this experiment? a) Plasmid b) Cosmid c) BAC d) Bacteriophage lambda

1 Answer

For cloning a 100 Kb DNA fragment, the most appropriate vector to use would be a BAC (Bacterial Artificial Chromosome). BACs are large vectors capable of accommodating large DNA fragments up to 300 Kb in size.

Plasmids, on the other hand, are smaller vectors and can typically only accommodate DNA fragments up to 20 Kb. Cosmids are hybrid vectors that combine the features of plasmids and bacteriophage lambda, and they can accommodate DNA fragments up to 45 Kb. Bacteriophage lambda vectors are useful for cloning DNA fragments up to 15 Kb in size.

Therefore, of the options given, BAC would be the most suitable vector for cloning a 100 Kb DNA fragment.
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