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Without data collection, research is incomplete. This begins with the identification of research problems and the design of research. The collection of primary data can be done using a variety of methods, including interviews, observation, questionnaires, schedules and schedules. Schedule and questionnaire are two popular methods for collecting data in research surveys. These two methods have a lot in common, so many people think they are the same. However, the two methods are not the same from a technical perspective.

Similarities between Questionnaires and Schedules

  • These are related items that pose questions about a central problem.
  • Both questions use structured questions, and both have built-in mechanisms for validating the validity and reliability of the responses.
  • Both sets of questions are administered to all respondents, and similar results are obtained.
  • These instruments must be used according to the same design principles and should be able to handle the same basic problems.
  • Both must focus on the central problem: how to develop the questionnaire and the schedule as a unit.
    • Through awake and interest, you can draw the response into a situation.
    • Moving from simple to more complex questions
    • There is no need to make an urgent request for information about a private and intimate relationship.
    • It is important not to ask embarrassing questions and give the respondent the opportunity to answer.
    • You can easily move from one item to the next.
  • Both types of questions must be eliminated, such as unclear and ambiguous, emotionally altered questions, loaded questions and leading questions. Questions eliciting no response, structured responses to the questions and violence to the facts should also be avoided.
  • Both pilot studies and pre-tests will be necessary to formulate the instrument and bring it to its final form. Both must go through the same stages.

Differences between Questionnaires and Schedules

A questionnaire is a method of collecting data. It consists of a series written questions and alternative answers. The schedule is a set of questions, statements and spaces for answers that are provided to the enumerators. They ask the respondents questions and take down their answers. The respondent fills out the questionnaire, but the enumerators do so on their behalf.

Delivered byIn general, questionnaires can be sent by mail or post to the concerned persons asking them to complete the questions and return the completed form.The schedule is given to the informants by the enumerators.
Role of RespondentsTake the time to read and comprehend the questions.Only answer questions that have been asked by enumerators. Sometimes the schedule is given to respondents and the enumerators help them answer the questions.
Filled byRespondentsEnumerators
Response RateLowHigh
InsuranceLargeComparatively, small
Identity of the respondentNot knownIt is known
Method of observationNot applicableApplication
You must be aware of the important features* Easy to understand* Short questions* Engaging and InterestingThere are no special requirements
Success is dependent onQuality of the questionnaireHonesty and competence are the hallmarks of a competent enumerator.
UseOnly when people are educated and cooperative.It can be used on both literate as well as illiterate persons.

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