Whittaker’s Five Kingdom Classification – Criteria, Advantages and Limitations

Whittaker's Five Kingdom Classification

Advertisements Whittaker’s Five Kingdom Classification brings evolutionary changes in classification system of organisms. Since the centuries, biologists are trying to classify organisms in different ways. Even, Greek philosopher and polymath Aristotle tried to classify organisms on the basis of their habitats, such as whether they lived on land, water, or air.  Then Carolus Linnaeus proposed … Read more

Real Time PCR (RT-PCR) – Definition, Principle, Protocol, Application, Advantages

Real-Time PCR Principle, Protocol, Application, Advantages.

A real-time polymerase chain reaction (real-time PCR) is a conventional polymerase chain reaction (PCR) based laboratory technique used in molecular biology for real-time monitoring of the amplification of a targeted DNA molecule during the PCR, not at its end, as the conventional PCR do.

Normal Human Microbiota Definition, Types, Advantages and Disadvantages.

Normal Flora of Hman Body

Advertisements From shortly after birth to death, the skin and mucous membranes are home to a diverse microbial fauna. The average human body contains 1013 cells and harbors 1014 bacteria. This is the normal microbial population. The normal microbial fauna is stable. During certain times in a person’s life, specific genera may populate different body … Read more

Pour Plate Method Principle, Procedure, Objective, Result, Advantages

Pour Plate Method Principle, Procedure, Objective, Result

Advertisements The pour Plate Method technique was created in the laboratory by Robert Koch and is still widely used in the laboratory since his time. This technique is appropriate for Microaerophilic, facultative, or anaerobic microorganisms. It is straightforward to use, requires fewer resources, and is simple and cost-effective. However, it requires the specimen to be … Read more

Confocal Microscope Principle, Uses, Parts, Advantages, and Disadvantages.

Confocal Microscope

Advertisements Confocal microscopy has various advantages over conventional optical microscopy, including a short depth of field, the elimination of out-of-focus glare, and the ability to collect optical slices serially from thick specimens. A prominent use of confocal microscopy in the biomedical sciences is the imaging of either fixed or live cells and tissues that have … Read more

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