Key facts About Monkeypox

The vaccinations administered during the smallpox elimination program also protected against the virus monkeypox. Newer vaccines have been created of which one is approved to prevent monkeypox.

Monkeypox is caused through monkeypox virus. It is a part of the Orthopoxvirus genus within the family of Poxviridae.

Monkeypox is typically a self-limiting illness that can last between 2 and 4 weeks. In severe cases, it is possible to contract the disease. Recently the rate of fatality in cases is around 36%..

Monkeypox spreads to humans via intimate contact between an affected animal or a person or by contact with a material that has been that is contaminated by the virus.

Monkeypox virus can be transmitted from one person to the next through close contact with body fluids, lesions respiratory droplets, and other contaminated substances like bedding.

Monkeypox is a zoonotic viral disease that is most prevalent in tropical rainforests in west and central Africa and can be exported to other parts of the world.

A antiviral drug developed for treatment of smallpox was also approved for treatment of monkeypox.

The appearance of the disease in monkeypox is similar to the symptoms of smallpox. It is an orthopoxvirus-related infection that was declared eradicated in the year 1980. Monkeypox has a lower risk of spreading than smallpox and can cause less severe symptoms.

Monkeypox is typically seen as a clinical manifestation with swelling, fever and rash. lymph nodes. It can also result in a myriad of medical problems.