Unveiling the microscopic world of medicine.

The study of microorganisms that cause diseases in humans and their role in medicine.

What is Medical Microbiology?

Not all bacteria are harmful. Some are essential for our health!

Bacteria in Medicine

Viruses can cause diseases but are also used in therapies and vaccines.

Viruses: Friends or Foes?

From antibiotics to infections, fungi play a diverse role.

Fungi in Medicine

Some parasites can live inside us without causing harm, while others can cause diseases.

Parasites in the Human Body

Modern techniques help identify the exact microbe causing an illness.

Diagnosing Microbial Infections

Antibiotics, antivirals, and other drugs target specific microbes.

Treating Microbial Diseases

Vaccines and hygiene practices can prevent many microbial diseases.

Prevention is Better than Cure