15 Interesting Ocean Animal Adaptations

Tiger pistol shrimp - a claw that generates a considerable shock wave

Scale worm - Breathing structures on the appendages and 4-domain hemoglobin that better captures oxygen

Asian sheepshead wrasse - Changes from female to male

Fanfin seadevil - Changes in the immune system that allow sexual parasitism

Flower urchin - Flexible spines with toxin as a defense mechanism

Giant Sea Cucumber/California Sea cucumber - Expel their internal organs in defense

Blue bottle, Indo – Pacific man o’ war - A gas-filled sack that allows it to float

Yeti crab - Arms covered with hair, possibly for food farming

Painted frogfish - An excellent camouflage

Pineapple fish - Organ colonized with luminous bacteria

Flamingo tongue sea snail - Highly tolerant of coral toxins

The sea butterfly snail - Structures that help it to “fly” in the water

Yellowtail fang blenny - Poisonous fangs for protection

Blue Glaucus/Blue dragon - Stores the stinging cells of siphonophores it consumes

The Pacific black dragon - Uses melanin pigment to blend into the darkness