Mycology is the branch of biology concerned with the study of fungi, including their genetic and biochemical properties, their taxonomy and their use to humans as a source for tinder, traditional medicine, food, and entheogens, as well as their dangers, such as toxicity or infection.

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Parasexual cycle in Fungi

The Parasexual Cycle is defined as a cycle in which plasmogamy, karyogamy and meiosis (haploidisation) take place but not...

May 5 · 4 min read >

Basidiomycetes Life cycle, Characteristics, Significance, Mycelium

Basidiomycetes are harmful as well as useful. Their attack foods and ornamental plants, cause many different diseases including seedling...

May 4 · 10 min read >

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Saccharomyces Life cycle, Morphology, Economic Importance.

Yeast or Saccharomyces cerevisiae is a eukaryotic, unicellular microorganism and a member of the fungus kingdom. These are the...

May 2 · 8 min read >

Schizosaccharomyces: Morphology, Reproduction, life cycle

The S. octosporous contain a haploid somatic cell. During the favorable condition, cells undergo through asexual cycle known as...

Apr 30 · 2 min read >

Rhizopus stolonifer: Life Cycle, Habitat, Nutrition, Disease, Importance.

Rhizopus stolonifer is responsible for ripe fruits, such as strawberries, melon, and peach, mainly those contain wounds and higher...

Apr 30 · 3 min read >

Classification of Fungi: Gymnomycota, Mastigomycota, Amastigomycota.

The fungi are classified based on the characteristics of the sexual spores and fruiting bodies present during the sexual...

Apr 30 · 7 min read >

Reproduction of Fungi: Sexual, Asexual and Vegetative Reproduction

There are different modes of reproduction in fungi such as sexual, asexual, and vegetative modes of reproduction. There are...

Apr 27 · 4 min read >

Fungi Definition, Characteristics, Morphology, Importance, Thallus Organization.

Fungi Overview Fungi are microscopic eukaryotic microorganisms that are of great practical and scientific interest to microbiologists. The appearance...

Apr 23 · 7 min read >

Economic Importance of Fungi In Medicine, Industry, Agriculture, and Food.

In this article, we will learn about the Economic Importance of Fungi in agriculture, industries, medicine, etc. There are...

Oct 29 · 8 min read >

Fungi: Types of Fungi and Their Reproduction.

In this article, we will learn about the Types of Fungi and Their Reproduction. There are present 5 types...

Oct 26 · 4 min read >

Fungi Characteristics, Occurrence, Cell Structure, Nutrition, Thallus Organisation, Mycelium.

In this article we will learn about Fungi Characteristics, Occurrence, Cell Structure, Nutrition, Thallus Organisation, Mycelium. Fungi Definition Fungi...

Oct 25 · 5 min read >
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