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Essentials of Medical Microbiology By Spurba Sastry (pdf)

Essentials of Medical Microbiology By Spurba Sastry

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Writer and Founder of I am from India and my main purpose is to provide you a strong understanding of Microbiology.

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essential medical microbiology
essential medical microbiology
Book name :Essentials of Medical Microbiology
Author:Apurba S. Sastry 
Year:2018 edition
File Size:146 MB

About Essentials of Medical Microbiology

  • Hospital infection control as a new section – containing many new chapters such as HAI surveillance, Biomedical Waste Rule 2016, Needle Stick Injury, Antimicrobial Stewardship, and Environmental Surveillance.
  • Clinical infective syndromes – made into a separate section with each syndrome divided into a separate chapter. Each chapter begins with clinical case scenarios.
  • Updates made in recent advances in laboratory diagnosis, treatment guideline and vaccine prophylaxis of each infectious disease.
  • Latest epidemiology updates of infectious diseases included-recent outbreaks and geographical distribution with special emphasis to include latest data on Indian epidemiology.
  • References followed from Koneman 7th/ed, Harrison 19th/ed, Mandell 8th/ed, Bailey & Scott’s 14th/ed, Manson 23rd/ed, Plotkin’s Vaccines 7th/ed, CDC and WHO websites and health care program/guidelines such as NCDC, RNTCP, NACO, NVBDCP and GPEI, etc.
  • Newer topics included such as advances in sterilization (plasma sterilization, sterilization indicators), automations (MALDITOF, VITEK, BacT/ALERT), molecular methods (real-time PCR, LAMP and BioFire FilmArray), serological methods (lgG avidity test, ELFA, CLIA methods), newer emerging diseases (including Nipah virus, Severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome virus and Zika virus).
  • Important topics such as tuberculosis, HIV, hepatitis B and C viruses have been updated with latest diagnosis and treatment guidelines.
  • Inclusion of more tables, flowcharts, real images and schematic diagrams-for better understanding.

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Writer and Founder of I am from India and my main purpose is to provide you a strong understanding of Microbiology.

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