What is Nernst Potential Calculator?

The Nernst potential calculator is a tool used to calculate the Nernst potential (also known as the Nernst equation) for a given ion at a specific temperature. The Nernst potential is a measure of the equilibrium potential difference across a membrane for a specific ion, which occurs when the electrical and concentration gradients are balanced.

The Nernst equation is expressed as:

E = (RT/zF) * ln([ion]_outside/[ion]_inside)


  • E represents the Nernst potential (in volts),
  • R is the ideal gas constant (8.314 J/(mol·K)),
  • T is the temperature in Kelvin,
  • z is the valence of the ion (the charge it carries),
  • F is the Faraday constant (96,485 C/mol),
  • [ion]_outside is the concentration of the ion outside the membrane, and
  • [ion]_inside is the concentration of the ion inside the membrane.

The Nernst potential is used to estimate the membrane potential when only a single ion species is permeable across the membrane. It is particularly relevant in the field of neurophysiology, where it helps determine the resting membrane potential and action potential thresholds of neurons.

The Nernst potential calculator simplifies the calculation by taking the necessary parameters (temperature, ion concentrations) as inputs and providing the Nernst potential as the output. It is a useful tool for researchers, students, and professionals working in fields related to electrophysiology, cellular biology, and neuroscience.

Nernst Potential Calculator