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  1. You should be the original author/owner of each and every article you submit to this site.
  2. Don’t submit copied articles from books, magazines, or any other documents.
  3. Plagiarism (duplicate content) should be less than 20%. Pending articles with more than 20% plagiarism will again be drafted to be edited by authors (Admin will check the plagiarism of each published article)
  4. Don’t submit any articles that contain hate, negative reviews, racialism, or any other illegal materials.
  5. Don’t include any affiliate links or any kind of hyperlinks in the body of your articles.
  6. Don’t submit any articles that are already available on the internet.
  7. The articles should not include any affiliate link in the main body.
  8. Articles should be written in the English language.
  9. All the articles should be related to biology or biological fields.
  10. Each article should have references or further reading at the end.
  11. Authors are not allowed to upload any picture or figures, because it might lead to some copyright issues. The picture or figure will be uploaded and added by the admin and publish it.
  12. Articles once published on this website, should not be published later on any other websites.
  13. Users (Authors) can publish any number of posts per day but only 5 posts will be approved per day.
  14. Articles once published on the website cannot be edited by the authors. If you want to edit them, please email the admin.
  15. Your article Must Not Contain Illegal or Overly Controversial Content.
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  17. Your article must Have Proper English, Which Includes Proper Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation, Capitalization and Sentence Structure.

    We highly recommend you to use appropriate images and photos in your articles, but you should also ensure the following points:

  1. The image should not be copyrighted
  2. The image should not have any watermark, copyright or trademark tag or logo
  3. The image should not be depicting any offensive activity, act or the images not be suitable for the audiences of the age 12
  4. The image should be renamed according to the subheading wherever it needs to be used
  5. The image shall only be of JPG type
  6. The image shall not be of low resolution or quality
  7. If you don’t want to follow this guidelines regarding image, than leave it blank our admin will provide image during article review. (recommended)

Restricted and prohibited images categories

  • Your own or your family, friends and relatives selfies and photographs
  • Photos that are not relevant to the content of the article

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microbiology guide
microbiology guide

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