BSc Nursing Syllabus of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Year

A significant role that nurses contribute to the Healthcare sector, nursing is among the most sought-after careers. To start your career in this area you can take diploma or full-time programs. One of these popular degree programs includes BSc Nursing. It runs for 3-4 years, the program is among the most frequently selected BSc courses following 12th science. In addition to the theoretical aspects it also equips students with the fundamental abilities related to the field of Child as well as Mental Health Nursing, Anatomy, Management of Nursing Services and Community Health, among others. To give you an overview of the curriculum, here’s a blog post that sheds some an understanding of how to study the BSc Nursing syllabus and the subjects you’ll study during the the program.

BSc Nursing Syllabus of 1st Year

Subjects BSc Nursing Syllabus (1st Year)
Physiology Composition and Function of Blood
Cardio Vascular System
Excretory System
Endocrine and Metabolism
Anatomy Skeletal and Joint System
Respiratory System
Muscular System
Digestive System 
Nutrition and Dietetics Different methods of cooking and their effect on the body
Meaning of Food, Nutrition, and Dietetics
Methods of Calculating Calories
Therapeutic adaptions of a normal diet 
Biochemistry Amino Acids
Introduction and Classification of Carbohydrates
Catabolism of Nucleic Acid
Enzymes, Nature, and Functions 

BSc Nursing Syllabus of 2nd Year 

Subjects BSc Nursing Syllabus ( 2nd Year) 
Psychiatric NursingPrinciples and Applications of Psychiatric Nursing
Nursing approaches as per the behaviours, disorders, aggression, etc
Role in Chemotherapy, Psychotherapy, Occupational Therapy, etc.
Psychiatric Emergencies 
Medical-Surgical Nursing Maintaining the body dynamic equilibrium
Medical and surgical nursing management of patients with Angina, hypertension, etc.
Principles of Orthopaedic Nursing and Techniques
ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) Nursing
Operation Theatre Techniques Sterilization of Instruments
Types of Anesthesia
How to care for patients before, after and during the operation
Knowing the instruments
Health Education Concept, Scope, Limitations, and Benefits of Health Education
Health Communication and Teaching
Audio-Visual Aids
Methods of Health Education
MicrobiologyMorphology and classification of bacterial Factors and conditions affecting the growth of bacteria Immunity and Immunization Process Serological tests and their corresponding diseases 
Advanced Procedures Blood ExaminationLumbar Air Study Electrocardiography Angio Cardiography 

BSc Nursing Syllabus of 3rd Year

Subjects BSc Nursing Syllabus (4th Syllabus)
Public Health Nursing and Health Administration History of Community Medicine and Community Nursing
Organization and Administration of Health Services
Role of Epidemiology in Community Health
Principles and Concepts of Public Health 
Maternal and Child Health Nutritional needs for children and adults
Development of the Maternal and Child Health Care
Socio-Economic Factors affecting childcare
Family Welfare Programs 
Sociology and Social Medicine Social structure of the society and individual
The city and the country: Sociological and Economical contrasts
Human Relations
Significance of Sociology in Nursing 
Trends in Nursing and Professional Adjustment Popular Nursing Programs
Role of famous international organizations in the development of the nursing profession
Nursing Registration and Legislation
Nurse’s role in family planning

BSc Nursing Syllabus of 4th Year 

Subjects BSc Nursing Syllabus (4th Syllabus)
Midwifery and Obstetrics NursingAnatomy and Physiology
Preparation for Delivery
Physiology of Labour
Principles of Nursing Services, Administration, and Supervision Formal and Informal Organizational Structure Elementary Principles of Medicine
Philosophy of Supervision
Medico-Legal Aspects of MCH services
Introduction to Research and Statistics Types of measures, graphs methods of presentation
Introduction to Computer Science
Microsoft Windows
Introduction to Database 
English (or any other Foreign Language) Literature book as prescribed by the college/ university
Essay, Letter Writing
Grammar topics like Speech, Articles, Direct and Indirect, Idioms, etc. 

BSc Nursing Syllabus in Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University

1st Year2nd Year
Nursing FoundationMedical Surgical Nursing
BiochemistryEnvironment Science
Introduction to ComputersCommunity Health Nursing-I
3rd Year4th Year
Medical Surgical NursingMidwifery and Obtretical Nursing
Mental Health NursingCommunity Health Nursing-I
Child Health NursingNursing Research
Communication and Educational TechnologyManagement of Nursing Service and Education

BSc Nursing Practical Subjects

Nursing FoundationMedical Surgical Nursing
Research Project on NursingMental Health Nursing
Midwifery and Obstetric NursingCommunity Health Nursing

BSc Nursing Books

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Textbook of Microbiology by Surinder KumarBuy Now (For Indian Students)
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Psychology for Nurses by R. SreevaniBuy Now (For Indian Students)
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Nursing Foundation by B.T. BasavanthappaBuy Now (For Indian Students)
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Communication and Educational Technology by Suresh SharmaBuy Now (For Indian Students)
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Textbook of Sociology by K.P. NeerajaBuy Now (For Indian Students)
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Nutrition and Dietetics by I. ClementBuy Now (For Indian Students)
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