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GasPak anaerobic system is utilized to create an oxygen-free atmosphere to encourage the growth of microorganisms that live in anaerobic environments. In the present, it is the most frequently utilized method for anaerobiosis. It is easy to do and works well for laboratories with a smaller amount of samples.

Components of GasPak Anaerobic System

  • Polycarbonate Jar (or containers that are anaerobic)
  • A lid fitted with a gasket for preventing airflow (for Jar system)
  • Indicate strip (a strip that has been impregnated with an indicator of oxidation reduction, like methylene blue or Resazurin)
  • Disposable gas generator pouch (a pouch that is a mixture of sodium bicarbonate and sodium borohydride)
  • A palladium catalyst

Principle of GasPak Anaerobic System

Tubes or plates that have been inoculated are put inside the polycarbonate container or anaerobic jar together with the gas generator sachets as well as an indicator strip and sealed. When water is present and the chemicals contained in the bag i.e. sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) and sodium thermohydride (NaBH4) interact chemically and produce carbon dioxide and hydrogen gas.


The hydrogen resulting from the reaction reacts with the oxygen inside the jar and creates water (which is formed as condensation on the interior of the container).

2H2 + O₂ + catalyst = 2H2O


This reaction is triggered by the palladium mineral that is affixed to the underside of lid of the container. Carbon dioxide is used to replace the oxygen removed, resulting in an anaerobic atmosphere.

Note: The current anaerobic gas-generating equipment does not require catalysts and/or the use of water for activation. Check out the manual for users provided by the manufacturer prior to beginning your project.

Principle of GasPak Anaerobic System
Principle of GasPak Anaerobic System | Image Source:

Steps of GasPak Anaerobic System

  1. Innoculate agar plates with the test strain.
  2. Inoculate agar plates and place them in an anaerobic jaror container or pouch.
  3. Include anaerobic indicator strips.
  4. Make sure you add the appropriate quantity of gas generator sachets following the opening of the GasPak container. Then, place the lid on top or seal the pouch or container.
  5. Let it incubate at the temperature you prefer.
  6. Examine anaerobic indicator strips to see if it has changed color.

Be aware that these steps could be slightly different depending on the commercial suppliers. Check the manual for users provided by your supplier.

Indicator of anaerobiosis

The efficacy of GasPak anaerobic system may be assessed using these methods:

  • Anaerobic indicator strips:
    • Impregnated with methylene Blue: remains colorless in anaerobic environments however, it turns blue upon contact with oxygen.
    • Impregnated with resazurin. A Redox indicator Colorless (white) when in anaerobic conditions however it changes to pink when in when oxygen is present.
  • Biological indicator: The plate is inoculated Pseudomonas is incubated alongside other plates inoculated with anaerobic culture. In the absence of any growth in Pseudomonas (which can be described as an obligatory aerobe) signifies that anaerobiosis is in the best possible state. is attained.

Commercial products

BD GasPak EZ gas generating system is the very first water-free and catalyst-free system that creates anaerobic, microaerophilic or carbon dioxide rich environment. The fully integrated system is simple to operate and comes in two different systems: the pouch system and the container system. The BD container system is available in 10and 15 sizes as well as 30 Petri dishes capacity. The pouch System is offered in 1 to 4 Petri dish capacity, with all necessary components (pouches and sachets as well as indicators).

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