BHU PET Applied Microbiology Syllabus and Books

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BHU PET Applied Microbiology Exam Pattern Highlights

Exam Mode Offline (Pen and Paper Based)
Number of Papers 1
Number of Sections Aptitude, English Comprehension, Numerical and Quantitative Reasoning, General Knowledge, Current Affairs, Language Proficiency, Analytical Abilities, Mathematical Aptitude
Questions Type Multiple Choice Questions
Exam Language English and Hindi

BHU PET Applied Microbiology Syllabus

  1. Officially there is no syllabus for BHU PET Applied Microbiology. So, don’t depend on this syllabus. It is a guide or basic idea about the syllabus which is created by analyzing the previous year’s question papers. It will give you a basic idea about important chapters.
  2. Clear your B.Sc. basic Knowledge.
  3. Cover whole syllabus of Your BSc Microbiology (not log questions only MCQ types).
  4. **Most importantly, complete at least 10 years question paper of BHU PET applied microbiology. You will get all 10 years of question papers and Answer keys for free from our Website.
  1. Best of Luck

BHU PET Applied Microbiology Important topics

History of Microbiology (study the name of microbiologist and their contribution). Visit here Microbiologists and their contributions.***, Mutation, Fermentation (Remember the organism’s name, product’s name, byproducts, steps)**. Antibody and Antigen, Vaccine.*. Virus (DNA and RNA), Cell Cycle, classification of microorganisms based on nutritional source (chemo. Hetero. Litho, auto, etc), Plasmid, Recombinant DNA technology, Bacterial cell wall and cell membrane structure***, Replication (name of enzymes and function), transcription (name of enzymes and function), translation (name of enzymes and function), Endospore formation, fungi, algae, Different immunological test (ELISA, Agglutination, precipitation test, etc), mycorrhiza***.

Follow previous year question papers**

BHU PET Applied Microbiology Syllabus Download

Books for BHU PET Applied Microbiology

Books Name Buying Link
Prescott’s Microbiology Buy Now
iGenetics by Peter Russell Buy Now
Immunology by Kuby Buy Now
Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry Buy Now

BHU PET Applied Microbiology Question Pattern

Total no. of questions 120
Mode Online
Duration Two hours
Linguistic medium English and Hindi
Type of questions MCQs
Maximum marks 360
Exam level Graduation level of the concerned subject

BHU PET Applied Microbiology Marking Scheme

Response Type Marking Scheme
Correct Answer +3
Incorrect Answer -1
No Answer/ Unanswered 0

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