Immunodiffusion reaction 

Immunodiffusion reaction 

Immunodiffusion refers to the movement of antigen or antibody within the gel. Add the reactants to the wells. They diffuse to the area of lower/no concentration. A gradient of the reactants’ concentration forms as they diffuse into the gel. Immunoprecipitation takes place in a region with an equivalent concentration of both the antibody and antigen. This is represented by bands.

Agglutination test definition, Types, Uses, Advantages, Disadvantages

Agglutination test

In this article we will learn about Agglutination test definition, Types, Uses, Advantages, Disadvantages, Aim of Agglutination Test, Specimen collection, application of Agglutination test and finally Examples of Agglutination test. Agglutination Test Agglutination Test is a clinical assay used for the detection of Antibody or Antigen in body fluids such as saliva, urine, cerebrospinal fluid, … Read more

The Complement Pathway, Activation, Functions, and Deficiencies.

The Complement Pathway

Hey, in this article I will discuss the complement pathway which is one of the easiest pathways. Basically, This complement pathway helps to kill microorganisms  by antibodies or phagocytosis. The complement pathway has been accomplished in three main ways, which I have discussed step by step below. Believe me, if you understand the first step … Read more

Transmission of Diseases

Transmission of Disease

Maintain an infectious disease in a human population the pathogens must need to be transmitted from one host or source to another. In Biology the term transmission is refers to the passing of a pathogen from one individual to another individual which can cause a serious disease or infection. The transmission of disease is occurred … Read more

Nosocomial Infection and its Prevention, Source, Transmission

Nosocomial Infection

A nosocomial infection, also known as a hospital-acquired infection, is an infection that a patient contracts during the course of receiving treatment for another condition in a healthcare setting such as a hospital, nursing home, or clinic. Nosocomial infections have been a significant problem throughout history, with reports of healthcare-associated infections dating back to the … Read more

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