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12 Difference Between Darkfield and bright Field Microscope

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In this article we will learn 12 important difference between Darkfield and bright Field Microscope.

Definition of Bright Field Microscope

The Bright Field Microscope is a conventional Microscope, in this microscope, the specimen appears as dark against a bright background.

Definition of Dark Field Microscope

The darkfield microscope is a conventional microscope, in this microscope, the specimen appears as bright against a dark background.


Difference Between Bright Field Microscope and Dark Field Microscope

Difference Between Darkfield and bright Field Microscope
TopicBright Field MicroscopeDark Field Microscope
Image TypeBright field microscope formed a dark image against bright field.Darkfield Microscope formed a bright image against dark background
Specimen TypesStained, fixed, and live specimens are observed.We can see the living and unstained cells.
Image FormationIn a bright-field microscope, only the scattered lights are able to enter the objective lens and transmitted lights or unscattered light rays are omitted, that’s why the viewer sees a dark image against the brightfield.The only light that has been reflected or reflected by the specimen forms an image.
Specimen ColorAppear as dark or blue (depends on the stain color)Appears as bright
Specimen Background colorAppear as brightAppear as dark.
Type of condenser uses1. Abbe Condenser
2. Variable focus Condenser.
3. Achromatic condenser
1. Abbe Condenser.
2. Paraboloid condenser.
3. Cardioid Condenser.
Specimen StructureIt shows us the morphological as well as the internal structure of the specimen.It show us External structure of specimen in great detail.
ExpensiveBright fields are inexpensiveDark fields are expensive.
Specimen PreparationSpecimen preparation or staining is a complex and lengthy process. Takes too much time.No need stain.
Opaque discAbsent Present
UsabilityIt is easy to use.operating procedure is not easy as compared to bright field microscope.
Study on Metal and Minerals This microscope does not allow us to observe the Metal and MineralsDark-field microscope can use to study for minerals and crystals, thin polymers, and some ceramics.

Bright Field Image

Bright Field Microscope

Dark Field Image

Dark Field Microscope
12 Difference Between Darkfield and bright Field Microscope.
12 Difference Between Darkfield and bright Field Microscope.




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