14 Difference Between Brightfield and Phase-contrast Microscopy

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14 Difference Between Brightfield and Phase-contrast Microscope

Difference Between Brightfield and Phase-contrast Microscope
TopicBrightfield MicroscopePhase Contrast Microscope
Invented byAntonie van Leeuwenhoek (1632–1724)Frits Zernike (1888-1966) in 1932
Staining The Specimen Must be Stained before their observation under bright field Microscope.Staining is not required.
Changes in refractive indexThis Microscope has no ability to alter the refractive index.A phase microscope can change the refractive index of the specimen.
CondenserThe condenser lens is simple.The condenser is a special type, containing annular stop, producing a hollow cone of light.
Alternative NameAlso knwon as light microscope or simple microscope.Also known as zernike microscope.
Phase-platePhase-plate is not required.Phase-plate is the main component.
Specimen typeNonliving cells are observed Living cells are observed.
CostCheap price.Expensive as compared to Brightfield Microscope
UsabilityIt is easy to use.operating procedure is not easy as compared to bright field microscope.
Image QualityProduces a low-resolution image as compared to Phase Contrast MicroscopeProduces a high-resolution image as compared to Brightfield Microscope
Thick SpecimenDoes not matterThick organisms or specimens can not be observed by this microscope, a distorted image can appear.
Thin SpecimenDoes not matterRequired thin Specimen
cell divisioncell division can’t observe by using this microscope.cell division can be observed by using this microscope.
Intercellular structureNot Visible.Intercellular components of living cells can be observed with high resolution.
Difference Between Brightfield and Phase-contrast Microscopy
Difference Between Brightfield and Phase-contrast Microscopy

Phase Contrast Microscope Image

Phase Contrast Microscopy


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